Paula Moulton:  A Sip Away

Paula Moulton is an award-winning journalist and viticulturist with 25 years in the wine industry. What I especially enjoy is the way she writes — with insight, humor and practical tips for buying and drinking wine. Just hit the link below to see for yourself.

Paula Moulton — A Sip Away


Katie MacLoed:  Stories My Suitcase Could Tell

Katie MacLoed is a self-declared “Scot in the States” travel journalist with a delightful blog about her world-wide travels. When she visited and wrote about the Kennebunks, she positively nailed it! (“A Weekend of Sunshine and Seafood in Kennebunk, Maine; September 8, 2015) Check her out by hitting the link below.

Katie MacLeod - Stories My Suitcase Could Tell