Moose Kennebago River Road 10-17-2017.jpeg

Even moose are enjoying the warmest October on record here in Maine. My good friend, and exceptional photographer, Ken Janes recently captured these two big guys frolicking through the forests near the Kennebago River.  Are they having fun, or what?

Closer to home, here in Kennebunk Beach, the signature chill of autumn has been eclipsed this entire month by sunny days and temperatures more typical of August, almost in defiance of what we know is ultimately headed our way.

Last Saturday I strode down to the beach for a midday walk. I had to unzip my brown fleece vest before I arrived at the bottom of Oak Street. I waved at neighbors relaxing on their front porches, almost everyone clad in short-sleeve shirts and Bermuda shorts. In October!

As I approached Mother’s Beach, a young boy careening on  a skateboard nearly knocked me over. He was wearing cut-offs and a tee shirt.

On that sunny Saturday, I waved to a handsome couple driving along Beach Avenue in their spiffy MG convertible. “Can you believe this weather?” they asked. Top down! In October!


I noticed a lady flopped on a beach blanket, blissfully reading a book in the noonday sun. Nearby a woman sat on a bench overlooking the big beach. She sported sandals. That’s like wearing Uggs in July. But this is October! 


I saw a young girl with a red pail, splashing through a tidal pool, turning over rocks, probably hoping to find a baby crab. I watched in amazement as another little girl splashed in Mother's waves. In late October!


Most of the leaves have turned crimson and tangerine. My friend Parker photographed a brown and black fuzzy wuzzy caterpillar in her garden. I’ve turned the heat on once or twice. Pumpkins and mums decorate many front steps here in town. Everyone is ready for what lies ahead. 


But for the moment, let’s savor words from William C. Bryant’s poem, “Indian Summer”:   “Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.”