BelowZeroinKbunk.jpeg by DavidEckel.jpeg


Yesterday morning, December 30, the temperature was minus 12 at Kennebunk Beach. Here’s what that looked like, as photographed by my friend David Eckel.

Today, New Year’s Eve, the weather is still frightfully cold but I'm sending warm wishes to you who read my blog.

Many of you take the time and effort (and I know it’s not easy to penetrate the firewall) to comment. I love that! Others send emails which I treasure. It’s heart-warming knowing there are ears out there who hear me.

Today’s message is short and simple: THANK YOU. I look forward to wandering with you in 2018. 

Happy New Year,  Val

PS Here's one more fun photograph of life in the Kennebunk Beach tundra, taken by the talented Ken Janes.