He’s done it again! Bob Marier, a veritable Renaissance man — Bobby to his buddies and Mr. Wonderful to you all — has now written a novel.

TIDAL POOLS is a murder mystery set in an area of Maine that’s uncannily reminiscent of Kennebunk Beach, complete with a rocky island where the action begins, iconic lobstermen who are integral to the plot, and the recognizable ambiance of a coastal village. As of today, TIDAL POOLS is available on Amazon as a soft cover book ($9.99) or as a Kindle download ($3.99). 

You’re probably wondering: how did this inventor and holder of two golf utility patents, creator of two musical CDs (“Melodies From Maine”), author of two children’s e-books (Murfy!) who plays golf often enough that, over the years, he’s aced 12 holes-in-one, now find time to write a novel? I have no answer for that!

I’m just proud of this wonderful guy who starts every day with a new idea, and follows through. Fact is, he’s got a second novel already in the works that's coming out later in the Fall. 

If this early Labor Day blog sounds a bit like a sales pitch, guess what:  it is. This is a fun and relatively short read that will appeal to all ages and have you wondering “who done it” until the very last pages.  Hope you enjoy it!

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